Saturday, March 31, 2012

unit 7 Going away


1.Jim and Ann are planning to go to Ecuador. d -They're going to learn Spanish.
2.First,Jim needs to call the embassy.-He needs to find out about visas.
3.Then he's going to go on the internet e- He's going to look for a cheap flight online.
4.Ann has to go to a bookstore.b-She wants to buy a good guidebook.
5.Then she's going to the library.h-She wants to do research before they go.
6.Jim's going to go to the bank.g-He needs to change some money.
7.Jim and Ann are going to go to the mall.f-They have to buy some suitcases.
8.They're going to the bus station.c-They want to pick up an airport bus schedule.


1.You use toothpaste with your toothbrush to clean your teeth.
2.You use sunscreen at the beach if you don't want to get a sunburn.
3.You wear pajamas when you go to bed.
4.Most people use shampoo to wash their hair.
5.When you go camping ,you use a sleeping bag in your tent because you don't have a bed.
6.A lot of men use a razor to remove the hair on their faces.
7.If you are hurt or sick while camping ,get medicine from a first-aid kit.
8.Bring extra batteries with you to get power for your flashlight or radio.
9.Wear sandals to keep your feet cool when it's hot.
10.People sometimes wear makeup on their faces to look good.

1.A We're going hiking in the mountains this weekend .What should we take?
   B  Well,you should take insect repellent and a first-aid kit.
 2.A  I'm planning  a skiing trip to british Columbia.The weather's nice there.
    B  But it's easy to get a sunburn.You should use a lot of sunscreen.
 3.A  I want to go to Hawaii on my next vacation.
    B  You should pack a lot of light clothes.
  4.A  My mother and i are planning a shopping trip to Hong Kong.
     B  You really should bring more than one credit card.

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